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How Do I File a Personal Injury * Claim?

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

If you have been the victim of an injury that was caused by negligence or mal-intent, you could be entitled to file a personal injury * claim against the company or person who injured you.

Personal injury * cases come in a variety of forms ranging from accidents in public places to road traffic accidents and more. Because these cases can be complex and emotionally draining, it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to filing a claim. Here, one of our team at MyCase Solicitors Blanchardstown will explain how to begin when it comes to filing your personal injury * claim.


One of the most important things to do before beginning proceedings with a personal injury * case is to quickly and accurately report the accident to a relevant body. If you’ve been injured in a road traffic accident, for example, the accident should be reported to An Garda Siochana and your insurance provider. If you’ve been injured while at work, you should notify your manager and also the HR department. Having a record of the accident and an exact account of what happened is vital for the success of your claim.


Hiring a personal injury * solicitor is the next step to take when filing a claim for all types of personal injury *. As experts in these particular claim types, a personal injury * solicitor can help you make a claim, get justice, and hopefully receive compensation from the person or body that you want to sue. There are a number of different areas of expertise that personal injury * solicitors specialise in, and choosing the right one for your individual needs is important. Different areas of this field include road traffic accident solicitors, accidents at work solicitors, medical negligence solicitors, and even claims for minors solicitors. Most personal injury * firms will offer all of these services. Thoroughly researching the type of law firm that you think would best represent you is important to ensure that you and your legal representative are on the same page.


The team here at MyCase Solicitors are specialists when it comes to Dublin personal injury * solicitor services, providing a range of top-quality, professional legal help and advice for clients that have been victims of personal injury *. We offer Blanchardstown road traffic accident solicitor services, workplace accident solicitor services, claims for minors solicitor services, accidents in public places solicitor services, and more. Throughout the process of filing a claim, we provide empathetic and compassionate advice, making the process of filing for justice and compensation as quick and stress-free as possible. Here at MyCase Solicitors, we’re passionate about providing top-quality solicitor services to any client that walks through our doors.


One of the trickier things about personal injury * claims in Ireland is that they can often come with a lengthy process. In Ireland, cases must be filed with the injuries board within 2 years or become statute barred. While saying this, in reality it is vital to instruct a solicitor to file proceedings with the injuries board immediately because delay weakens your case, shows a lack of immediacy and diminishes the probative value of evidence to your detriment. Following this, it can take months to years to have the claim dealt with in court, depending on the evidence and paperwork available from both parties involved in the case. If you’re looking for more information on the time it could take to file a personal injury * case, or just want some more information on these cases, contact the team at MyCase Solicitors Blanchardstown today

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