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Accidents In Public Places

Have you had an accident in a public place? Contact us to discuss your case.

MyCase Solicitors


Slips, falls and other incidents which cause personal injury* can happen in almost any public environment, but in cases where the injury has occurred due to negligence (e.g. an uneven footpath, a slippery floor, etc.) a claim for compensation may be warranted. As personal injury* specialists, MyCase Solicitors can help you secure your full entitlement if you have suffered due to an accident in a public place that was not your fault.

In public places, the person responsible for the area has a duty of care to ensure that personal injuries do not occur and they will generally have public liability insurance policies to protect themselves in case an incident does occur, so it is usually the insurance company who will provide compensation.

After suffering an injury due to an accident in a public place, you should seek medical help and any evidence and eyewitness accounts should be documented. The accident should also be reported to the owner of the property. By following these steps, you are more likely to be successful in seeking compensation.

Fatal Claims Solicitor Blanchardstown

If your family member or loved one has experienced a fatal accident in a public place, MyCase Solicitors can help. Public premises have a duty of care for their visitors and when this duty of care is not adhered to, the results can be devastating. If you’ve lost a loved one due to an accident in a public place, we can help guide you through how to put forward a case and claim for compensation. Our fatal claims solicitors Blanchardstown team are experts in their field, offering straight-forward, professional advice while maintaining empathy and compassion during what is usually a very difficult time for you as our client. As experts in personal injury solicitor services, no case is too big or small for us to take on.

For more information on our fatal claims solicitors in Blanchardstown, contact us today

Claims for Minors Solicitors Blanchardstown

Did you know that you can claim on behalf of your child if they have been involved in an accident resulting in personal injury *? Here at MyCase Solicitors we provide straight-talking advice on personal injury * claims for minors, whether it be as a result of an accident in a public place *, a road traffic accident, or otherwise. We work closely with the parents of the child to bring a case forward, ensuring that your family is represented fairy and honestly in the eyes of the court.

For more information on our claims for minors solicitors service, contact the team today

  • What services does MyCase Solicitors provide?
    MyCase Solicitors provides a range of professional solicitor services, specialising in Dublin personal injury * solicitor services and data protection solicitor services.
  • Where can I find a personal injury * Solicitor near me?
    MyCase Solicitors provides Dublin personal injury * solicitor services for a variety of personal injury * cases ranging from road traffic accidents to accidents in the workplace and public places.
  • How long does it take to settle a personal injury * claim?
    The time it takes to settle a personal injury* claim in Ireland varies depending on a number of factors such as evidence, solicitors, the severity of the case etc. If you’re thinking about taking a personal injury* case forward, get in touch with the MyCase Solicitors team for legal advice.
  • How much does it cost to hire a solicitor?
    The price of hiring a Dublin solicitor service varies depending on the services you require. Get in touch with MyCase Solicitors today for more information on our pricing.
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