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MyCase Solicitors - Professional Blanchardstown Solicitor Services specialising in Personal Injury* & Data Protection

MyCase Solicitors


When you’re involved in a legal dispute, hiring the help of a professional and experienced solicitor service is a must. Here at MyCase Solicitors, our team has over 20 years of experience offering professional Dublin legal services from our Blanchardstown solicitors’ office based on 2 The Rise, Main Street.

Specialising in personal injury * and data protection cases primarily, our team are professional, reliable, and honest, helping to guide you through legal proceedings in as straightforward and stress-free a manner as possible. Whether you’ve experienced a personal injury * and want to make a claim or simply want to speak to an expert about your rights when it comes to GDPR and data protection, our team of expert solicitors are always happy to help..

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Blanchardstown Solicitor Services

Blanchardstown Accidents at Work Solicitor Services

Blanchardstown Personal Injury * Solicitor Services

Blanchardstown Claims for Minors Solicitor Services

Blanchardstown Road Traffic Accident Solicitor Services

Blanchardstown Uninsured Motor Accident Solicitor Services

Blanchardstown Medical Negligence Solicitor Services

Blanchardstown Workplace Accident Solicitor Services

Blanchardstown Data Protection Solicitor Services

Blanchardstown Commercial GDPR Solicitor Services

Blanchardstown General GDPR Solicitor Services

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  • What services does MyCase Solicitors provide?
    MyCase Solicitors provides a range of professional solicitor services, specialising in Dublin personal injury * solicitor services and data protection solicitor services.
  • Where can I find a personal injury * Solicitor near me?
    MyCase Solicitors provides Dublin personal injury * solicitor services for a variety of personal injury * cases ranging from road traffic accidents to accidents in the workplace and public places.
  • How long does it take to settle a personal injury * claim?
    The time it takes to settle a personal injury* claim in Ireland varies depending on a number of factors such as evidence, solicitors, the severity of the case etc. If you’re thinking about taking a personal injury* case forward, get in touch with the MyCase Solicitors team for legal advice.
  • How much does it cost to hire a solicitor?
    The price of hiring a Dublin solicitor service varies depending on the services you require. Get in touch with MyCase Solicitors today for more information on our pricing.
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