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Road traffic accidents are some of the most common personal injury* cases we deal with at MyCase Solicitors, as such, this is an area in which we have a wealth of knowledge and experience. Road traffic accidents are, unfortunately, a common occurrence in Ireland and if you have suffered injury because of a road traffic accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be entitled to receive compensation. If this is the case, why not get onto one of our road traffic accident solicitors today?

After an accident, it is vital that you get the details of the driver who has caused the accident and that you contact the Gardai immediately, even for minor collisions. Of course, you must also seek medical assistance for any injuries sustained and you should also report the incident to your insurance company. By following these steps, you are more likely to be successful in your claim application alongside a road traffic accident solicitor.

Have you been involved in a road traffic accident? Contact us now to discuss your case.

who can claim after a road traffic accident?

Provided you are not the driver at fault, anyone who has suffered injury due to a road traffic accident can make a claim, this includes:


✔ Passengers
✔ Cyclists


✔ Pedestrians
✔ Motorcyclists


✔ Drivers
✔ Bus Passengers

Uninsured Drivers

If you have suffered an injury caused by an uninsured driver, you can still make a claim for compensation through the Motor Insurers Bureau of Ireland (MIBI). These cases are often more complex than regular road traffic accident claims*, but with our guidance and support, you can still receive your maximum entitlement for the injuries you have sustained.

Even if the driver that you have been involved in a road traffic accident with is uninsured, you are more than likely entitled to compensation for your personal injury *. The team at MyCase Solicitors are experts when it comes to uninsured motor accident * solicitor services, providing help, guidance, advice, and claims assistance in a clear, comprehensive, and honest way. We will work with you sensitively as your personal uninsured accident * solicitor to help you claim any expenses that you’re entitled to in terms of medical expenses, car repair, loss of earnings, psychological trauma, and out of pocket expenditure. If you’ve been in an accident with an uninsured driver, why not call us today?

Contact us if you have been involved in a road traffic accident with an uninsured driver and we will guide you through the next steps.

Fatal Claims Solicitor Blanchardstown

Fatal accident claims arise when a person has been involved in an accident that is fatal, and can be claimed by the victim’s family members/next of kin. MyCase Solicitors offers a professional and sensitive fatal claims solicitor * service from our Blanchardstown office, working closely with clients to bring fatal claims forward efficiently and professionally. We have a team of professional personal injury solicitors * that specialise in this field, helping you to find closure and justice following the fatal accident of a loved one. We service all types of fatal claim, with a road traffic accident solicitor service, uninsured accident solicitor service, and accident in the workplace solicitor service to ensure that you and your family are represented truthfully and fairly in the eyes of the law.

Get in touch now to speak to one of our specialists about how we can help with claims if you’ve been personally injured * by an uninsured driver

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