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Personal Injury*

MyCase Solicitors


MyCase Solicitors is a specialist personal injury * law firm – this is the one of the only areas of law we deal with, meaning we have extensive knowledge and experience which you would not receive from a more general practice solicitor. We are dedicated to helping those who have been injured as the result of an accident caused by somebody else’s negligence to receive the compensation they are entitled to. In Ireland, all personal injury * claims (excluding medical negligence claims) must be filed with the Injuries boards, which require specific forms to be filled out. This can be a confusing process, which is why we have developed our services around streamlining this process and minimising any stress for our clients.

For more information on our specialist services relating to personal injury claims,* get in contact with us today.


In order to start the process of seeking compensation for your personal injury*, you need to speak with a solicitor. When assisting our clients, we generally seek the following information to ensure a successful claims process:

✔Details of the accident that caused your injury
✔ Details of expenses you have incurred due to the injury (e.g. medical bills, lost pay)

✔Details of the injury (including any evidence, e.g. photographs)
✔If it is available, CCTV footage (your solicitor can acquire this for you


✔Details of any previous injuries/medical conditions/accidents/claims
✔Details/Description of the person at fault

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Claims for Minors *

Has your child or young family member experienced a personal injury * or accident due to the negligence of another? The team at MyCase Solicitors are experienced solicitors specialising in the area of personal injury * including claims for minors. 

Minors’ personal injury * cases are treated differently to adult cases of the same nature to protect the privacy, welfare, and health of the child and this is something that MyCase Solicitors are knowledgeable of and discreet and sensitive about, informing you how to represent your minor in the eyes of the law.

We cover a range of different claims * for minors in Blanchardstown ranging from toy injuries, accidents at school or crèche, playground accidents, child accidents in a public place, and birth injury claims. 

If your child or minor has experienced a personal injury *, why not get in touch now?

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Road Traffic Accident Solicitors

Experiencing a road traffic accident can be extremely traumatic and devastating both physically, mentally, and financially. If you’ve been the victim of a road traffic accident, MyCase Solicitors can help you in the process of filing a claim and receiving justice. We work alongside victims of road traffic accidents to provide professional Blanchardstown road traffic accident solicitor services that you can trust. As well as our standard road traffic accident solicitor services, we offer uninsured driver solicitor services and fatal claims solicitor services in Blanchardstown to suit all road traffic accident cases. Whether you've been a victim of an uninsured motor accident or were the person driving the uninsured motor at the time of the accident, our professional uninsured accident solicitor services can help you come to a legal conclusion that is fair and honest. 

Call now to get in touch with a Road Traffic Accident Solicitor in Blanchardstown

Accidents at Work *

If you’ve experienced an injury while working, you may be entitled to compensation. MyCase Solicitors works alongside our clients closely to help you file a case after you’ve been injured in a workplace accident. Workplace accidents * can occur due to falling stock, slippy surfaces, general workplace negligence, and more. We can help clients working in all industries who have experienced all types of personal injury * accidents at work. As well as our standard accidents at work solicitor services, we provide claims for minors solicitor services, fatal claims solicitor services, and road traffic accident solicitor services to help you with any legal personal injury * cases. 

Get in touch with the team to discuss our Accidents at Work * Solicitor services

  • What services does MyCase Solicitors provide?
    MyCase Solicitors provides a range of professional solicitor services, specialising in Dublin personal injury * solicitor services and data protection solicitor services.
  • Where can I find a personal injury * Solicitor near me?
    MyCase Solicitors provides Dublin personal injury * solicitor services for a variety of personal injury * cases ranging from road traffic accidents to accidents in the workplace and public places.
  • How long does it take to settle a personal injury * claim?
    The time it takes to settle a personal injury * claim in Ireland varies depending on a number of factors such as evidence, solicitors, the severity of the case etc. If you’re thinking about taking a personal injury * case forward, get in touch with the MyCase Solicitors team for legal advice.
  • How much does it cost to hire a solicitor?
    The price of hiring a Dublin solicitor service varies depending on the services you require. Get in touch with MyCase Solicitors today for more information on our pricing.
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