How Do Claims for Minors Work? We Can Help Explain

Because minors cannot legally represent themselves in court, claims for minors follow a slighlty different procedure to what is usually considered normal in Irish courts. In the eyes of Irish law, a minor refers to anyone who is under 18. If a minor is involved in a legal case, he or she must be represented by their “next friend”, who is usually a parent or guardian. This “next friend” works as the spokesperson, per se, of the minor when involved in a legal case, and takes full responsibility for all finances and representation that occurs during the minor’s case.

Personal Injury * Claims for Minors

Interestingly, personal injury * claims for minors cannot begin other than by proxy until a child reaches the age of 18. This being said, if a minor wishes to pursue a case for a personal injury * by themselves when they turn 18, their parent or guardian is adviced to contact a claims for minors solicitor after the injury happens in order to collect evidence and relevant paperwork. Having this evidence stored away safely until the minor is of age makes for an easier way of filing a claim.

What Counts as a Personal Injury * for a Minor?

Like almost all personal injury * cases, it’s impossible to create a neat list of what is an isn’t classified as a personal injury. Broadly speaking, if someone under 18 is injured due to the negligence of others, it can be classified as a personal injury *. This includes accidents in a public place, workplace accidents, medical negligence, birth negligence, road traffic accidents, and more. If a minor has been involved in an accident and has experienced a personal injury *, medical attention is vital before you decide to claim any compensation from the opposing party.

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If you were involved in a personal injury * case as a minor, or want to file for a claim as a “next friend” of a minor, get in touch with MyCase Solicitors today. Our team are experts in the field of personal injury *, working with you to fight for the compensation you may be entitled to. For more information on our range of services for personal injury * minor’s cases, call now on 1800918031, text 51500 or email:

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