What Should I Do After Experiencing a Personal Injury? * Your Questions Answered

Falling victim to a personal injury * that is caused due to negligence, whether it be in a public place or the workplace, can be a distressing, upsetting, and extremely stressful experience. In order to protect victims, there are a number of laws in the Irish constitution allowing victims to submit claims and bring cases forward for compensation after an injury.

This compensation is designed to cover medical costs after injury, as well as compensation for emotional distress and impact on income after the injury. While compensation can be a good form of justice for victims, bringing a case to court can often feel like a minefield to navigate. Here, the team at MyCase Solicitors will answer your questions on the logistics that you should consider before filing a case for a personal injury 

What is a Personal Injury? *

The first thing to discuss before going into the logistics of bringing a case forward is defining exactly what a personal injury * is, and whether you have grounds to bring a case forward. Generally speaking, a personal injury * lawsuit refers to any injury caused to the body or mind due to negligence in the workplace, the public sphere, or other spaces where your safety has been compromised. As well as covering general injuries that occur in public places such as slips and falls, personal injury * law covers events such as road traffic accidents, accidents in the workplace, personal injury * to minors, accidents in public institutions, and more. Experiencing an injury due to negligence can cause extreme emotional distress as well as physical harm, as well as causing significant financial stress. In a bid to cover these costs and get justice, many clients decide to contact a personal injury solicitor to help them bring a claim forward.

Will a Personal Injury Claim Affect my Insurance?

After experiencing a road traffic accident, many people will be hesitant to claim compensation for a personal injury * due to the assumed increase that this claim will cause on your insurance premium. Interestingly, however, this doesn’t have to be the case. If you are in the wrong when a road traffic accident occurs, the claims to cover this accident will more than likely increase your insurance premium for the next year. That being said, however, if you are not at fault, your personal injury * compensation will be claimed off the other person’s insurance and will not affect your own insurance premium. For more information on this, please contact your insurance provider or the team at MyCase Solicitors directly.

Do I Need to Hire a Solicitor for a Personal Injury * Claim?

While there is no legal obligation to hire a solicitor to help you out with a personal injury * claim, having a solicitor on-board can help to streamline the process of receiving compensation for your personal injury * case. Here at MyCase Solicitors, we specialise as personal injury solicitors in Blanchardstown, providing a range of services each year ranging from road traffic accident solicitor services to claims for minors and accidents in public places. By having a solicitor on-board, you can ensure that your case is above board, organised, and professional, which can increase your chances of receiving compensation.

Will My Personal Injury * Case Go To Trial?

Interestingly, the majority of personal injury * cases do not go to trial and can be settled privately between the victim and perpetrator with the help of professional personal injury solicitors. If there is a dispute between the subjects involved in the case, however, the trail is likely to go to court. When this happens, both parties will be asked to give evidence and documentation on the events that caused the injury, and the judge or jury will decide the outcome of the case. If this does happen, your personal injury * solicitor can help to guide you through the process.

How Long Does it Take to Get Compensation After a Personal Injury?

This is a popular question among clients, but unfortunately, the answer is not exactly black and white. The time it takes to receive compensation totally depends on the nature of your accident or injury, and whether you are relying on an insurance company or individual for a pay-out. Most often, clients have to pay medical bills themselves before being compensated weeks or months after the event. For more information on specific cases, or how to speed up the compensation given after a personal injury * case, contact the MyCase Solicitors team today


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